About Me

Hi! My name is Gabriel Evangelista a.k.a. GEvan.. .

I’m a canadian/portuguese Illustrator, Concept Artist & Video Game Art Director currently living in Portugal. With over 20 years of experience not only as an artist but also as a team lead, I've been developing mostly concept art for the game industry and illustrations for comic books and print.

Through visual expression, I love to create new worlds and characters with a strong focus on storytelling. Because of this, my creative process comes from a lot of research and study, focusing on the projects goals and needs.

Specialties: Creative / Art Direction, Concept Art, Character Design, Game Art, Visual Development, Illustration and Comics.

  • Solitaire Mystery (mobile) - Volt Games / Merry Realm
  • World of Pirates (xbox, pc) - ZPX.
  • Vikings in Love (mobile) - Cabbageman.
  • ABC Stop (facebook & mobile) - Yucca Studios.
  • Godz (facebook) - Yucca Studios.
  • Energy Town (mobile) - Yucca Studios.
  • Nutriventures (mobile) - Biodroid.
  • City On (web) - Biodroid.
  • The Perfect Wedding (facebook) - Glamour Games.
  • Zblu Cops (Wii) - Biodroid.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle Soccer (mobile and windows) - Biodroid.
  • Billabong Surf Trip (mobile) - Biodroid.
  • Mini Sports (facebook) - Biodroid.
  • Planeta BES (web) - Biodroid.
  • Chiquititas, Magical Journey (Wii) - Biodroid.
  • Orczz - Camel 101.
  • "55 mil Km" - Cover Art and inside illustration. Csp Vera Cruz, Portugal
  • "Virar a Página" - Comic Book Anthology, Portugal.
  • "Usagi Yojimbo" - illustration for "The Sakai Project". Published by Dark Horse and co-produced by CAPS, USA.
  • "Commodore 64" - Cover Illustration for "Pushstart" magazine N.º 65, Portugal.
  • "ZX Spectrum" - Cover Illustration for "Pushstart" magazine N.º 60, Portugal.
  • "Fame: Seth MacFarlane" - Bluewater Productions, USA.
  • "Celacanto" N.º1 & N.º2 - Qual Albatroz, Portugal.
  • "Super Pig: Live Hate" - Kingpin Books, Portugal.
  • "Kitty Fé" - Sketchbook / Nono Império, Portugal.
  • Godz (webcomic) - Yucca Studios, Portugal.
  • "Negócios à Parte" - Mundo Universitário, Portugal.
  • "Cag_Anita" (5 issues) - Self published, Portugal.
  • "Mercado vs Mercado" - illustration for the magazine "Vitral", Portugal.
  • Several political illustrations - for the magazine "SABADO", Portugal.
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